It's an Ol' Fashioned Cleavage-Off: Kate Upton vs. Ashley Graham!

March 1, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

In the Cleavage-Off to End All Cleavage-Offs! Kate vs. Ashley!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have ourselves a real treat tonight: a good ol' fashioned cleavage-off. So, if you are ready, if you are willing, and if you are able, let’s get ready cccccclllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaavvvvvvaaaaagggggeeeeeee!  

In the first corner, wearing the classic black dress, the blonde bomber herself Kate Upton! Yes, she is known to the world around for her amazing rack. And it would seem that no matter what you put her in, she’s always finding a way to put her best feature forward. Yes, Kate Upton has some of the best cleavage you will ever see.  

And in the other corner, wearing a fiery red dress is the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Ashley Graham! Some say she’s full-figured beauty and it’s fully clear the figure of her cleavage is quite stunning. Some might say it’s the unique design of her top that is making her cleavage look so great, but I say her cleavage is making that top look so damn sexy.  

This looks to be an all-out, down and dirty, fight-to-the-finish cleavage-off. Ding! Ding! And they’re off!  

Seriously, how many of you just pictured Kate Upton and Ashley Graham in a boxing ring, shuffling out from their corners, their boobs bouncing like mad? Yeah, all of you did, and I know sure as hell did.  

It’s hard to say who would be the winner in a cleavage-off between Kate Upton and Ashley Graham. I bet if we took a nationwide poll, we’d probably be split right down the middle . . . get it, down the middle? Anyway, both women are super sexy and their cleavage is top notch so, I would call this match a draw.

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