Which Sexy Version of Lily Aldridge Is Your Favorite?

March 2, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Lily Aldridge Is Sexy All The Time

Step right up, folks! We’ve got every kind of Lily Aldridge you could want! We’ve got only-wearing-a-strand-of-pearls Lily Aldridge! We’ve got massive-cleavage-swimsuit Lily Aldridge! We’ve even got sexy-in-a-chair Lily Aldridge!  

All kidding aside, Lily Aldridge looks amazing in every single one of these pictures. And I’m not just saying that because just about every picture contains some Lily Aldridge cleavage. It doesn’t matter what they put her in—if she is wearing nothing more than black panties and stocking or a shining silver dress that looks like it's right out of the 1970s, Lily Aldridge is stunningly beautiful. Man, it really does say something about the beauty of a woman when you can put her in anything and instantly become someone’s dream girl. Lily Aldridge has that kind of beauty, and it is on full display for the March 2016 issue of Lui magazine. It really is like a carnival of Lily Aldridge hotness of full display. Whatever version of Lily Aldridge has your heart, no doubt you will see it here.  

If you ask me which Lily Aldridge I like the best, though, I have to go for nude-under-a-leather-trench-coat Lily Aldridge. But you know me: I love the classics. You can never go wrong with them.  

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