Is Gigi Hadid Sporting The Newest Low Cut, Boob Showing Top?

March 1, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

It Could Also Be The Sexiest Accident Ever

Knowing absolutely nothing about fashion or the latest fashion trends, Gigi Hadid could totally be wearing the next wave in fashion tops, the low cut, decorative spaghetti strap, single boob exposed top. You have to admit, it looks pretty damn great on her.  

Though, if it’s not on purpose, then you have to give some mad props to Gigi Hadid. There is she is, walking the runway at the Versace Fashion Show in Milan and her boob pops out. She doesn’t stop, she doesn’t turn around and run off stage, she doesn’t even attempt to put her boob back in the top (which is my leading theory that Gigi Hadid is supposed to be showing off her boob, that’s how the top is designed), nope she just keeps her eyes on the prize. I know people say that modeling isn’t hard, but it takes some razor sharp focus to keep doing what you doing when one of Gigi Hadid’s boobs is out for the world to see. Look, I’m pretty sure Gigi Hadid has to stop and glance at herself topless in a mirror, that’s how awesome her boobs are.  

So, maybe it was a mistake and Gigi Hadid didn’t mean to show the world her boob or maybe next year the low cut, decorative spaghetti strap, single boob exposed top will be all the rage. Though, I have a feeling it won’t look as good as it does on Gigi Hadid.  

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