It's Kind Of Unfair That Katrina Law Is This Hot

February 29, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Katrina Law Nude In A Tub Is Hard To Take Because It's So Damn Hot

Sometimes life is just a little unfair and most of the time we can all get by with a little unfairness. Someone cuts you off in traffic, someone else grabs that last carton of 2% milk, or you have to finish a project with an office slacker, but when the going gets tough, we get going. But when it comes to the complete and utter hotness of Katrina Law, it’s just too unfair to take.  

Seriously, Katrina Law is one super beautiful woman and after seeing these pictures of her in a bathtub, she has forever ruined bathing for me. Sure, I’ll probably still be able to shower (and my co-workers are thankful of that), but I don’t see myself soaking in a tub full of bubbles anytime soon because what is the point? No matter the warmth of the water, the fluffiness of the bubbles, the relaxing sensation that comes of you when in a tub, it will never complain to Katrina Law nude in a bathtub. You’d close your eyes and instead of forgetting the world, all you will be able to picture is Katrina Law’s cleavage and bubbles. Sigh, I used to really enjoy taking a bath. Yeah, I’m not afraid to admit it.  

Sometimes the cards are simply stacked against you and all you do is play the hand that you weren’t dealt. Katrina Law is so hot, it’s pretty unfair, but all we can do is stare at her nude in the bathtub.

Photos: @TJScottPictures 'IN THE TUB" Portrait Book, Volume 2 shoot (Profits to Breast Cancer Research), buy your copy here

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