All That Hard Work And All People Will Remember Is Jennifer Lawrence's Cleavage

February 29, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Sorry, Jennifer Lawrence's Cleavage Will Always Be in Focus

I can’t imagine all the hard work that went to making this intricately studded top, with the various designs and details. Probably it took hours upon hours to make sure everything is just right. And just think all that hard work was for naught because the only thing people will stare at is Jennifer Lawrence’s cleavage.  

You know, it probably would have been better if the shirt wasn’t mesh, if it was a solid fabric Jennifer Lawrence’s cleavage would have been obscured. Then maybe, just maybe all that hard work would get noticed. Then again, it is Jennifer Lawrence, her beauty tends to distract from just about everything. It wouldn’t really matter if we couldn’t see through the shirt and gaze upon her cleavage, we would distracted by her dark eyes, her perfect lips, her flawless face, her gorgeous neck, her fantastic shoulders… Sorry, got lost there. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, Jennifer Lawrence and her amazing cleavage.  

You can’t help, but feel a little sorry for the person who made that top. Yes, Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing in the top, but really it’s the cleavage that makes it look amazing, not all those studs. Then again, maybe a machine made it and I don’t feel as bad. Then again, I can never feel bad when staring at Jennifer Lawrence’s cleavage.  

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