They Should Really Make Mannequins Look Like Pamela Anderson

February 27, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Pam Anderson Mannequins Would Make Shopping Way More Fun

If they made mannequins that resembled Pam Anderson in the least, none of us have ever been allowed in any department stores until we were 21. And let’s not forget the number of Pamela Anderson mannequin thefts that would have happened.  

I guess for the mannequin industry, it would be a great idea. Not only would mannequins look more realistic (Have you seen the new ones without the faces but with hard nips? What's up with that?), but no matter what kind of clothing the stores draped over the Pam Anderson mannequins, they would look incredibly sexy. It would kind of be the boom time for mannequins if they decided to go down the path of Pam Anderson mannequins. Even though I am older now and know that it is inappropriate to fondle mannequins in public, I have to say that if I was standing in the lingerie department of any store and it was filled with Pamela Anderson mannequins, I would probably have to keep my hands in my pockets for my safety.  

We are probably stuck with the faceless, hard-nippled mannequins from now on, but how much more fun would shopping be if all the mannequins looked like Pam Anderson?

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