Amber Rose Can Wear Whatever She Wants, Wherever She Wants

February 26, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Amber Rose Looks Sexy in Everything She Wears

For a moment, a split second, I asked myself where on earth Amber Rose could be going in this skin-tight outfit, but just as quickly as that question popped into my head, the answer was right behind it. Where is Amber Rose going in this outfit? The answer is: wherever the hell she wants.  

I have no idea if Amber Rose has someone personally make all of her clothes because it always seems to not matter what she's wearing (or sometimes what she’s not really wearing) because she looks fantastic. It seems as if that particular item, like this skin-tight ensemble, hits all her curves perfectly and shows off all of her beat features. Then again, it could all be Amber Rose. Just like the fact she can wear whatever she wants wherever she wants, she can look amazing no matter what she is wearing. One would hope that Amber Rose would have those skills listed on her resume, but when in the world would Amber Rose have to show a resume?  

Amber Rose really knows how to wear just about anything and make it look like the most beautiful thing any of us have ever seen. You can’t really fully describe it, you can only tell someone to see it for themselves. So, my friends, please have a look at Amber Rose.  

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