Take as Many Sexy Selfies as You Want, Shay Mitchell

February 25, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

But Could You Lose Those Shorts?

Normally when I see someone taking a bunch of selfies, I just roll my eyes, let out a huge sigh, and then generally feel bad for the fate of humanity. But in the case of Shay Mitchell snapping a bunch of pictures of herself in a bathing suit on a yacht, I’ll let it slide. 

And yes, I too wish she would have taken off those damn short shorts while she was on the boat. I can’t really understand why she’s wearing them. I doubt her ass looks bad in that one-piece she’s wearing, Shay Mitchell typically looks awesome in just about everything, so why would this situation be any different? Still, the short shorts do give us a little taste of her rear end, though not as much as if she wasn’t wearing them. You know, it’s funny because typically when someone as hot as Shay Mitchell is wearing short shorts, it’s really great—something to write home about—but for some reason, since she’s wearing a bathing suit under her short shorts, it’s kind of annoying. Like this is one the time that short shorts aren’t super sexy because just wearing the bathing suit would be sexier. It’s a comparison thing I guess. And when it comes to Shay Mitchell, I think we all favor sexier over sexy.  

I have no idea how many of those selfies Shay Mitchell ended up taking, nor do I have any idea how many she posted on social media. All I do know is each and every one of those selfies is incredibly sexy.  

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