Hey, Mayim Bialik, Why Does Piers Morgan Get to See Your Boobs and We Don't?

February 23, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

There Are Those Who Are More Deserving of Mayim Bialik's Cleavage

Not too long ago, Mayim Bialik responded to some criticism of Susan Sarandon’s cleavage-baring SAG Awards outfit by flashing Piers Morgan. While I stand with her responding in a such a wonderful way, Piers Morgan is the last person anyone should be flashing. Instead, I wish Mayim Bialik would have flashed the entire world.  

Piers Morgan is terrible at his job and honestly, I don’t know why his show is still on the air. That fact alone means that he is unworthy of seeing Mayim Bialik's cleavage or boobs. I don’t know what all he saw—the camera didn’t show us. And regardless of how you feel about The Big Bang Theory, there is no doubt that Mayim Bialik is kind of hot and her cleavage should be observed by those who are worthy, like everyone but Piers Morgan. Look, I’m not going to defend my crush on Mayim Bialik. I dig the nerdy chicks and it seems like she has a pretty awesome rack. You can get a pretty good hint of their awesome thanks to this see-through shirt Mayim Bialik is wearing on the red carpet.  

I know that Mayim Bialik doesn’t get a ton of attention for being a solid gold nerd hottie, but she really is. And besides, the world would be a much better place with less Piers Morgan and more Mayim Bialik cleavage.

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