Those Ruffles Really Make Danielle Lloyd's Boobs Look Great

February 24, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

More Ruffled Danielle Lloyd Cleavage Please

The ruffle fad is long gone, but I have a really strong feeling that it might be making a big comeback. Why do I think ruffles will soon be everywhere? The answer is simple: Danielle Lloyd is in a ruffled bikini.  

You can’t tell me that you can look at Danielle Lloyd’s bikini top and think, “You know what? Ruffles are kind of awesome. I wish there were more ruffles in fashion.” Honestly, after staring at Danielle Lloyd’s chest, I can’t believe that ruffles ever went out of style. They look amazing—it’s a really great touch. I mean, those ruffles are making Danielle Lloyd’s cleavage look even more amazing. Hell, those ruffles make Danielle Lloyd’s sideboob look better than ever. Now, there might be some out there who are claiming that the ruffles aren’t doing a damn thing. It’s really Danielle Lloyd’s bikini body that is actually making the ruffles look good, but I don’t know if I buy that. Are you trying to tell me that Danielle Lloyd would look just as hot if her bikini top wasn’t ruffled? Oh, I think I see your point there. Still, if you ask me, I still honestly and truly believe that we need more ruffles in our fashion. Or maybe just more Danielle Lloyd in ruffled bikini tops.  

Oh, and yes, I totally saw Danielle Lloyd’s camel toe, and no, I don’t think if she had on a ruffled bikini bottom that we would have been able to say it. I didn’t say we should go crazy with ruffles—just enough to keep Danielle Lloyd and her bikini body looking awesome.


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