Olivia Munn Can't Hide Her Sexiness Under a Big Sweater

February 22, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

We May Not Understand Olivia Munn's Outfit, but Damn, It's Sexy

There is one fashion trend that I have never understood: the long sleeves and shorts look. I don’t get it. It’s just a look that I can’t every really doesn't make sense to me. So part of me wonders why Olivia Munn would wear a big sweater with a dress that has a large slit in the front, but part of me doesn’t care, because Olivia Munn looks really damn hot in this outfit.  

Look, I know there are those in-between-seasons days when it’s not cold enough for a heavy sweater and jeans but not warm enough for short sleeves and shorts, but I don’t get why you would want to cover your upper body and not your lower. I believe that would make someone colder rather than keeping them at an even temperature. And don’t give me that bullshit argument about how it’s the same as wearing a T-shirt and jeans—it’s not, OK? It’s just not. Anyway, back to what is really important: Olivia Munn and the incredibly long slit in the front of her dress. Part of me wonders if it’s actually a nightgown of some kind and she just didn’t want to get dressed, so she through a sweater on over it.  

While it seems like Olivia Munn’s outfit won’t do much to keep her warm, it is doing wonders for my body temperature. Plus the sweater is kind of big, so it is giving us a little peak of her cleavage, and we all know that Olivia Munn's cleavage is never a bad thing.  

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