How Does Olivia Wilde Keep Getting Hotter?

February 23, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Every Time Olivia Wilde Is in a New Bikini, She Looks Hotter Than Before

I don’t know how a lot of things work, and normally I’m totally comfortable with that fact. Planes fly, cars drive, my blender makes delicious smoothies in the morning—I have no idea how any of those machines work, but I never lose sleep over that fact. But when I see Olivia Wilde in a bikini and she looks even hotter than before, I have to know how that works!  

Seriously, is it like some kind of magic spell or trick of the light? Olivia Wilde is always hot, we know this, but for some reason, each and every time I see her in a different bikini, she looks hotter than the last time I saw her in a bikini. What the hell is going on here? I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen Olivia Wilde’s cleavage, and yet I find myself gazing at it as if I have never seen it before. I really don’t get how this works. It’s Olivia Wilde, same hot body, same cleavage, same cute rear end—the only thing that is different the color and style of the bikini. Is that it? Is the different style of bikini making me see Olivia Wilde in a whole new way?

Maybe I should start thinking of Olivia Wilde like I do the toaster—it makes toast and I don’t know why. Olivia Wilde is always hotter than the last time and I don’t know why.  

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