You Can Now Own a Bob Guccione Original Nude

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Who Doesn't Want a Picture of a Beautiful Nude Woman?

Some of you might not know the name Bob Guccione, but you do know what he gave the world? Penthouse. Yes, that’s right—before you could get pictures of nude ladies on your computer, you had to buy them in print, and Bob Guccione gave us one of the best skin mags of all time. But he was more than just the founder of Penthouse; he was a pretty good photographer, and now his prints are up for auction. 

Penthouse was groundbreaking and viewed as the alternative to Playboy. Believe it or not, Penthouse was the first men’s magazine to show it was the first to show full-frontal nudity, female pubic hair, and a closer look at a few female body parts. But But Bob Guccione was also the “inventor” of the soft focus nude. I use quotes when saying he invented it because soft focus photography has been around forever, but it pretty much became an industry standard in men’s magazine because of Bob Guccione. He wasn’t a trained photographer in the traditional sense—he used his knowledge of traditional paintings to his take his photographs, hence creating the diffuse, soft-focus glow of his subjects. In fact, Bob Guccione typically took days upon days to complete a photoshoot.  

Now most of his collection is up for auction. So if you are a fan of Bob Guccione or just a fan of beautiful, busty nude women, and would like to own a piece of erotic history then head over to his page on LiveAuctioneers and place a bid.

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