What Color Are Your Panties, Erin Heatherton?

February 19, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

These Might Be the Sexiest Panties Erin Heatheron Has Ever Worn

You know, we’ve all seen Erin Heatherton wearing some of the sexiest lingerie ever invented by man and yet, after seeing her panties in these photos, I have to say this is probably the sexiest lingerie I’ve ever seen Erin Heatherton wear.  

Of course, I would never say that seeing Erin Heatherton walking the runway in one of the hottest bra and panty sets in the world isn’t hot, but there is something about getting a peek at the normal, everyday, super sexy Erin Heatherton and her panties that makes it just a little sexier. Erin Heatherton is one hell of a stunning woman, and she would probably look incredibly sexy even if she was wearing a pair of yellow-and-orange-flowered-high-waisted granny panties, but I have a strong feeling that she doesn’t own a pair of those. I would wager that her underwear drawer is full of pretty sexy panties, just like the pair she has on in these photos. And of course, there’s a double bonus because we get a pretty clear shot of Erin Heatherton’s ass, and what a beautiful ass it is.  

While I will always look forward to seeing Erin Heatherton walking the runway at the next Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I won’t soon forget these pictures of Erin Heatherton regular, every day, run of the mill, sexy panties.  

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