Lorde Is Dark and Mysterious, but Also Really Hot in a Red Bikini

February 20, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

No "Royals" Jokes, Just One Sexy Lorde in a Bikini

Lorde has become everyone’s favorite dark, mysterious singer with songs that reach deep into your soul. Yes, it’s like she sings for the darkness while wearing all black, all the time, which we can all agree makes her kind of hot. But it can’t be dark all the time—sometimes you have to shine in a red bikini.  

Yeah, you probably thought I was going to go with some kind of “Royals” joke, like Lorde may never be royal, but she’s royally hot in her red bikini. Sorry, I’m not going down that road to today. No, I’m not going to say we should call her Queen Red because of her awesome strapless red two-piece. Nope, I’m just not feeling it. I think instead we should just focus on how hot Lorde is without all the black clothes and dark makeup. I think she could totally rule over us in a red bikini if she wanted to, she has one hell of a bikini body. But hey, musicians have an act to play (though it might not be an act with Lorde—she could just a dark person), so if it’s working, there is no need to change it. Though I do think Lorde should wear a bikini—maybe a black bikini—a little more often.  

No, my dreams won’t be filled with me driving a Cadillac or anything like that tonight. Instead I have a strong feeling I’ll just be dreaming about Lorde’s awesome red bikini.

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