Twenty Questions with Trans Superstar Wendy Williams

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AVN Hall of Fame trans performer/director/producer/PR agent Wendy Williams has it all.  She is beautiful, smart and truly committed to her career. She hails from Kentucky where she hosts a biweekly party for trans performers and fans, she is in production on "Kentucky T-Girls" for AEBN, and she creates exclusive content for her DVD company--Hot Wendy Productions--and for her website. She was AVN's Trans Performer of the Year in 2009 and she attends all kinds of adult cons throughout the year. She is just about the best example of being a success in the trans porn world and many performers out there could stand to learn a thing or two from her drive. 

How many years have you been in the industry? What have you seen change most during that time?

"I am celebrating about fourteen years strong in the Adult Industry. I have been around sixteen or so but I didn't get to work for a website until 2002 and do a DVD in 2003. I come from the era of changing from VHS to DVD (showing my age) and when Porn Stars were truly PORN STARS. The biggest change has been the visibility and acceptance of transsexual models in mainstream porn. Don't get me wrong there are still MANY things that need to change but the what has happened thus far is very noticeable.

We as Transsexual Models are classified as Straight Fetish and so many people were labeling our fans by the fact that we have a penis therefore the target audience must be gay, so not true. Stores have learned to place Trans material appropriately, you see more Trans women with PR agents to help with branding and visibility, there are more Trans stars attending Industry events, and more women working with Transsexuals. Now there is PLENTY to do more of as cross-over talent is still stigmatized many people still consider us a "fetish" and not just something they enjoy."

What advice would you give to a trans performer coming into the business right now?

"I would strongly suggest contacting a veteran performer and find out how he/she can monopolize all aspects of their work. Do not work for companies until you have compared rates, purchase your stage name domain URL immediately and convert it to a blog until you decide to do a site or not, become very active with social media, and hire someone like me to do your PR. I could go on and on but I'll save everything for my clients. The biggest advice is to remember you determine your own worth and control your career, if you are serious then take it serious."

Who are your favorite performers to work with and why?

"I physically work with it would be performers from early in my career like Tom Moore and Chris Dano. Both of these guys were into the scene, knew how it all worked and helped make our scenes the best. I haven't done a lot of hardcore in the past few years however that all will be changing soon so I'll have some new meat to review.

From a business stand point I love working with my HotWendyPR clients obviously but really am enjoying seeing Trans500 push the boundaries of production and shooting the best quality I've seen since Joey Silvera. Being able to advise and give input to a company who listens and uses my experiences with their amazing new ideas to not only shoot amazing content but promote the genre."

You have a lot of fans out there. What is the best thing about having all of those people admire your work and interacting with them on social media?

"This business is NOT for those with low self esteem or a a soft exterior because it's cut throat sometimes and people are keyboard warriors and have no filters. I have never fit in with the general definition of "beauty" or being the most "passable" so when I started it was among beauties like Gia Darling, Allanah Starr, Vaniity, Danielle Foxx, etc so I had to work extra hard for my fans. Having these people helped me understand that their is a market for all entertainers and once a fan as long as I continue to deliver they will be in my corner whether I'm a size 10 or 14.

As social media has grown it's made access to my fans easier and I have developed some amazing friends who I speak with daily and come to see me at events. With so many choices these days if you do not make yourself available on social media I really think that a performer isn't keeping themselves on the same playing field. Anyone with a phone or camera can get on the Internet and call themselves a Porn star these days so you have to work really hard and stay relevant."

What’s your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

"I love to ride and stroke myself as I bounce up and down or grind on his cock. I love being able to see a guy's face as I face him or have him play with my 46DD breast. A great example is my last hardcore with Donovan on my website. It felt so good that I shot all the way past his head. It's a great scene and shows why riding is my favorite position."

What is it like being in the AVN Hall of Fame?

"Well readers, you  don't know this but Holly was the very first person in 2003 to give me advice about AVN and give me a office tour and introduce me to all the staff at AVN, so thank you! As I mentioned earlier I didn't really fit in the ideal look so many people, producers, and companies told me I would never be a "big" star in the Industry or get a lot of work so not to expect it. They were not trying to be mean but by the beauty standards, my voice, height and average cock size I didn't fit the current mold but what they didn't know was telling me "NO" was more motive to learn how to not expect companies to promote me but promote myself, thus why I don't care to brag but I was the first Transsexual to really use marketing, interviews, industry events to promote myself. Transsexual women just didn't send out press releases then and now it's almost a must. I credit not only my hard work but my marketing for many of my awards. Being in the AVN Hall of Fame was just another moment that made me look back and say " I did it". I was truly honored!!"


What stereotypes do you run into as a trans performer?

"As a trans performer,the biggest is that we all are HIV positive or dirty. Let me clear to your readers that we are held to the same testing standards as our female counterparts. It's one of the reasons why men are so scared to cross over because of the black balling that happens behind closed doors with those males who do it. Though it is more common there are still a talent pool both female and male that are scared to work with TS talent because of that.

Another issue is that because we are still pre-op (no bottom surgery) that we are less of a woman. Let me say that my penis does not define me as a woman. I know many people can't wrap their heads around that but honestly I live and feel like a woman and I still enjoy my penis. I am not keeping it because of my work but I enjoy being a Transsexual woman. I am not trying to "fool" anyone and don't care if people know or don't know. I am at 41 living my life to please myself and no one else!"

What are the best things about being a porn star, overall?

"Fans are amazing but they are the reason I am able to feed myself, housing, and live a comfortable lifestyle. I am not rich by any means but I am able to afford things because of my career. Making a career out of something you love and have fun with is a great reason for being a porn star."

What do you think are “must-own” DVDs for your fans?

"Rogue Adventures 24 was my second DVD ever and my first with Evil Angel directed by the amazing Joey Silvera. It is still one of the most mentioned DVDs by fans. It was so crazy to work with him and see how he was able to pull the best out of me and out of my comfort level. I also think "Wendy's  Interracial GangBang" is a must have because it's the only American gangbang with all African American men. I think it was one of the reasons why I won 2009 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year.

I also would suggest that people check out the parody DVD "Kaitlyn Gender: Based on a NOT so True Story", I think it really did a great job placing a Transsexual Parody DVD within the best of mainstream parody DVDs. I have a solo scene in it but the scenes are amazing and Jonelle Brooks did a great job. Josh Stone is a brilliant Producer at Trans500 and really is putting out ground breaking work."

You are one of the first trans performers with her own toy line. How did that come about?

"Yes in 201) I joined Gia Darling, Allanah Starr and Mia Isabella with toys or a toy line. I was very honored that Doc Johnson picked me to be the first for their company. I had a life size ass masturbator toy, my dildo, lickable body sprays and anal sets. Currently the Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit is one of the biggest sellers. 

Let me say that I am a huge Belladonna fan and she has a line with Doc Johnson and during that time she and I had become friends online and I was able to reach out to her about it once. I really think she had something to do with it but she is not the person to brag or boast so I will never know how much she actually did input or suggest to them."


What do you like to do for fun?

"I love to travel and one of the reasons I do road trips from Kentucky to the west coast for all Industry events and trips. I really find it so amazing to be able to listen to the Howard Stern show on XM and enjoy the sights of our beautiful country. When at home I am really lazy and spend most of the time watching TV and on the computer doing social media. I am a HUGE University of Kentucky basketball fan so I follow them during the season."

How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

"I don't watch porn unless  it's to review a scene for someone so I can't speak on them however I really am interested to see more of the Nica Noelle Transsensual series because she is really doing big justice to the Transsexual genre. She has introduced Transsexual woman as loving, beautiful stars and her DVDs have a plot."

Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you more low-tech?

"For my solo scenes I try to use a toy to help make the scene more enjoyable and different. Doc Johnson has always been so nice to send me items to review which you can read on my blog. Some of my favorites include the Super Sucker, the Belladonna Pocket Pussy, or their all American made butt plugs."


What is coming up for you?

"This year is looking to be very productive as I am pushing out new scenes every Friday at and working on projects with other companies. I am also going to attend more events like Cam Con, Fetish Con, and BBWcon. Make sure you follow me on twitter @tswendywilliams so you can see what events or things are upcoming."

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"I want to thank you and Fleshbot for this interview and continuing to help promote the Transsexual genre. I am always available for suggestions and feedback so feel free to contact me at"

All of the images here were provided by Williams.

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