Courtney Trouble and Emerald X File Know the Truth Is Out There in Trouble Films' "We Cum In Peace"

February 20, 2016 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

I Welcome Our New Pierced Lesbian Alien Rulers!

Alien Emerald X File gets to experience the joy of lesbian sex courtesy of ultra hot BBW Courtney Trouble in Trouble Films' "We Cum In Peace". Yeah, I am so down with an interplanetary takeover of Earth if it involves this much fine lesbian doings. I mean, could the aliens really do a worse job than we have done with our planet? I would like to believe in the power of sexy aliens to stop by and fuck us well occasionally instead of the whole randomly probe-a-farmer-in-a-cornfield thing. 

I love how Trouble's ass looks here in that lovely lingerie. I pretty much always think that Trouble is sexy, but here with that lingerie going on, damn! She is a fine representative of Earth's best features. It turns out that Isle bears one of this group of aliens' best pleasures: a silicone strap-on tentacle of some sort. Trouble is down for getting titty fucked or completely fucked with that tentacle to, you know, help with peace between our worlds. Trouble is such a fine diplomat!

We Cum In Peace
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