We Need More Than Two Sexy Pictures Of Juno Temple

February 18, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

There Is No Such Thing As "Too Much" Juno Temple

Normally when I get to see Juno Temple looking incredibly sexy, I am filled with great joy and happiness and possibly one or two other emotions, but this time I’m just kind of bummed out. Not because these pictures are bad—I’m bummed because there are only two of them.  

Yes, it would appear that only getting to see two pictures of Juno Temple being sexy will give me (and maybe you) a case of the blues. Yes, Juno Temple and her cleavage are great, but not in small numbers. We need to see more sexy pictures of Juno Temple than just two. If I had to guess, just pulling the first number that comes to mind, I would say at least eight sexy pictures of Juno Temple should be the minimum. While I wanted to go double digits, I felt it was better to play it a little safe and have a nice even number.  

So, let it be known to all you famous photographers and other people who get to take pictures of Juno Temple (especially pictures that display her wonderful cleavage) then two simply will not do. Hey, that’s a great way to remember, the rhyme: Two will not do.  

Juno Temple is way too beautiful to only be viewed twice. Come on, this shouldn’t be news to anyone. Maybe more pictures will come out from this GQ photospread and that would be awesome. But for now, I’m just a little bummed. Guess I’ll have to go look at more pictures of Juno Temple to cheer me up.  

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