Cancel Your Weekend Plans! Autoblow 2+ Is Here!

February 17, 2016 | Posted in straight by holly-kingstown

All Hail The Autoblow 2+!

The Autoblow--that nifty blowjob giving robot that every man may or may not be wishing would enter their lives--is now available from the company's website.

In the video above, cartoon women are pushed in the face away from a man's cock and this ultra sexy tube of plastic as it does its job which has been enhanced with a more powerful motor, another inch in length for you Longfellows, a third row of beads for massaging an erection, tighter toy sleeves and a "triple gripping mechanism". Who would want to deal with a pesky, real life woman when you have all of that from an electrical device?

Autoblow inventor Brian Sloan said in a press release, “Internet users' attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. I decided the best way to communicate my message to men in need of blowjobs moving forward is in the form of one minute songs. Anything beyond that and I risk them clicking play on a cat video.”

The brilliant karaoke-style song was done by Chicago-based singer/songwriter David Safran. Check out Alfie's tale of his very first robot blowjob by clicking right here. My mother told me to never wear white after Labor Day or to get in the way of a man's robot blowjob or else I would get my face pushed away from my true love's erection. My mom sure knew what she was talking about.


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