What Color Are Your Panties, Elisabetta Canalis?

February 18, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Elisabetta Canalis Is Just as Sexy as Her Name Sounds

While I don’t tend to frequent the hippest and coolest clubs (or any clubs for that matter) in the world, one would think there is a slight challenge when deciding what to wear. One would think that you’d want to look really sexy, maybe show off a little skin, but also wear something comfy and something that will keep you cool. I would say that Elisabetta Canalis dressed perfectly, and I’m not just saying that because we got to see her panties.  

It is not often that someone has a name that so perfectly describes them, but Elisabetta Canalis surely does. When I hear the name Elisabetta Canalis and I picture what someone with that particular name would look like, I see Elisabetta Canalis. This is fact; this is not some opinion that I just came up with. No Elisabetta Canalis looks exactly like someone named Elisabetta Canalis should look. She has the perfect Elisabetta Canalis face, the perfect Elisabetta Canalis cleavage, the perfect Elisabetta Canalis legs, and the perfect Elisabetta Canalis panty flash . . . well, I guess the panty flash could be a little bit better, but a little something is better than nothing at all.  

So, if you plan on hitting the clubs this weekend (or tonight, whatever, I don’t judge), then be sure at look at Elisabetta Canalis’s outfit, it’s pretty damn perfect. Though, you probably won’t look as hot as Elisabetta Canalis.  

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