"Who's The Hottest?!" 2016 Grammy Edition!

February 16, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Let's All Rock Out With Some Rocking Hotties!

Well, if you weren't at home last night glued to your television to watch the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, then you probably had something more important to do. But that's OK, because we are going to bring the best part—all the beautiful women of the night in another fun-filled round of "Who's The Hottest?!" Though I will say you should watch Kendrick Lamar's performance, Lady GaGa's Bowie tribute, and the opening number of Hamilton, because they are all pretty awesome. But not as awesome as the hotties, so let's jump right in.

You can't talk about the Grammy's without mentioning Taylor Swift. She walked away with album of the year, but she walked the red carpet giving us a little panty flash too. Well, I don't know if those are her panties or part of the dress, but damn, it's hot either way. 


Whenever you have Sofia Vergara at an event, she's always in the running for the hottest. Her cleavage is always superb and a bonus panty flash is great. Even though I once believed that Pitbull was created by Bud Lite to rap about beers, apparently he's an actual musician, and if he got Sofia Vergara to wear that outfit, he's all right in my book.

Like I have always said, if you want to win, you have to go all in or not at all. Ciara certainly took that advice and wore a dress that shows cleavage, sideboob, and whole hell of a lot of leg.

Hailee Steinfield went with a great classic look: the no-shirt, bra-only look. You have to admit that a classic look never goes out of style and Hailee Steinfield's cleavage will also never go out of style.


Sometimes simple is simply beautiful. Wearing white and showing a touch of cleavage, Kaley Cuoco is simply beautiful. She knows what it takes to always look great.


And last, but never, ever least, Selena Gomez. Wow, what else can you say about that stunning dress and that stunning cleavage. One could say that Selena Gomez's cleavage has never looked better.

Wow, this is one crowded field and the decision is not going to be an easy one. And since putting all their names on a piece of paper and tossing darts at them isn't the best way to crown a winner, I'm going to dig deep and really think hard about who should win . . . well, the winner of "Who's The Hottest?!" 2016 Grammy Edition is . . . Ciara! Hey, she went big and it paid off big time.

As usual, if you disagree or feel like we left someone out, let us know.

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