Melanie Brown Should Be Wearing a Thong Bikini

February 16, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

It Seems Your Ass Wants to Say Hello Melanie Brown

You know, Melanie Brown, they make thong bikinis and I’m pretty sure they aren’t that hard to find. I’m only bringing this up because I believe your ass wants the world to see it, and for some reason you bought a regular bikini.  

Now, I am in no way saying the bikini that Melanie Brown is rocking is bad—quite the opposite. Melanie Brown has pretty nice cleavage going on, and it would appear that when she reaches her hands to the sky we get a little peek inside her bikini top. This blue strapless number is one hell of a bikini, and Melanie Brown looks really damn hot it in. But I feel the need to point to out that in a couple of these pictures it would seem Melanie Brown’s ass wants to make an appearance. Hell, in most of these pictures, Melanie Brown’s ass wants to make an appearance, and it’s kind of hard to keep an ass that hot hidden from the world. I’m just saying that Melanie Brown would have done the world a great service by wearing a blue strapless thong bikini to the beach.  

This could totally just be the first day of Melanie Brown’s vacation and maybe she doesn’t want to wear the thong bikini on the first day. I can understand that, but hopefully Melanie Brown’s ass will finally get its day in the sun very soon.  

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