Once Again Emily Ratajkowski Proves She's Sexy No Matter What She's Wearing

February 15, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

The Emily Ratajkowski Slightly Odd Outcast Look Might Be My Favorite

If you were a bit of an outcast throughout your time in school, if you were a dork, a nerd, or just a weirdo, odds are you probably had a crush on a fellow oddball. You know, the girl with the dyed hair who wore crazy outfits. If that sounds like you then get ready to have all those feeling come back up thanks to Emily Ratajkowski.  

I have made no secret of my nerdy ways—I’ve always been a bit of a nerd and kind of an outcast, and I’m totally OK with it now. Though I can fully remember roaming the halls of my high school crushing hard on the one girl in the school who dyed her hair and wore the strangest combinations of clothes. Forget the fact that Emily Ratajkowski is probably the most beautiful woman alive and so sexy no matter what she wears, but in these photos, I am transported back that awkward time of being an outcast and wishing that Emily Ratajkowski and her incredible cleavage would be my date to the high school dance, except because we are too cool for that, we would sit in the parking lot all night. Emily Ratajkowski’s stunning good looks and her amazing hand bra really know how to pull every emotion out of us to make us love her even more.  

Here’s to you all your freaks and geeks: the beautiful outcast Emily Ratajkowski in her blue hair, her short skirt, her amazing cleavage, and her overall amazing beauty. She truly is every single person’s dream girl.  

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