Alison Brie Is a Classy Lady and Should Be Photographed as Such

February 11, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Is That Alison Brie's Nipple?

You know what? No, Alison Brie. No, we don’t want to see you smoking, we don’t want to see you eating toast next to some guy who looks like a reject from a Jean-Luc Godard movie. You are a classic beauty, so you should always look like a classic beauty.  

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s a shoot for some fashion magazine or something, but still—Alison Brie is a beautiful woman and she shouldn’t pretend to smoke to look sexy. I mean why didn’t the people behind this photoshoot just take a bunch of pictures of her in the red see-through sweater? Seriously, how beautiful does Alison Brie look in that picture? The answer is her sexiness goes to 11 in that picture. And what’s even better about it is that we can’t tell if she is wearing a bra or not. Are getting more than just a look at Alison Brie’s cleavage through that knit sweater? Is there more than just top boob shining through the holes? We don’t know and by god, we should know. Come on world, Alison Brie is way too beautiful to be in any picture that's less than perfect.  

You don’t need to dress Alison Brie to look like anyone other than Alison Brie. And seriously, where did you find this guy? Did you just drive by a film school and look for someone who just quit because they didn’t "understand his art?” Sorry if I sound a little angry. Alison Brie and her beauty brings all kinds of emotions out of me, and I can't help it.  

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