We Could All Use More Lauren Cohen in a Leotard

February 11, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Who Doesn't Want to Look At Lauren Cohan in a Leotard?

If you are like me, you’re pretty tired of sequels. They seem to be the only thing coming out of Hollywood these days, and most of the time they're sequels for a movie that doesn’t need a sequel. I mean, how many Mission: Impossible and Paul Blart movies do we really need? But I have to admit, after seeing Lauren Cohan in a leotard, I think someone should make Black Swan 2: Swan Harder.  

Lauren Cohan in a skin-tight anything always looks quite amazing, but there is something about the leotard that is really driving me wild. I think it’s a sight that we should see more of—in bright vivid colors on a screen at our local movie house. Think about it. Lauren Cohen can be the new girl in whatever company Natalie Portman danced for and maybe this time they are doing The Nutcracker (that’s the only other ballet I know besides Swan Lake) and she can be competing against . . . I don’t know, Amanda Seyfried for whatever the big role in that ballet is. Most of the movie will be spent with Lauren Cohan in her super tight leotard, and of course, she can totally have a dream where her and Amanda Seyfried make out. Or they could make out for real in the movie—however the filmmakers want to work in Lauren Cohan and Amanda Seyfriend making out is fine with me.  

I love seeing an original movie as much as the next guy or gal, but when Lauren Cohan is wearing a leotard, you’ve got to find ways to keep her in one.  

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