No Matter What AnnaLynne McCord Wears or Where She Goes, She's Always Sexy

February 9, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

AnnaLynne McCord Brings the Nip Slip, Cleavage, and Sideboob

While the greatest minds of our generation can technically argue whether or not AnnaLynne McCord’s nip slip is hotter than AnnaLynne McCord’s sideboob, one thing that everyone will agree on is that no matter where AnnaLynne McCord is and what AnnaLynne McCord wears, she will always be sexy.  

Of course, if it was up to me, I would go with AnnaLynne McCord’s nip slip being way hotter than a sideboob. But one could argue that if we're simply comparing the two outfits from these two different events, then one should just focus on what she was wearing. Now, that would make the decision a little tougher, because it would be between AnnaLynne McCord’s cleavage and AnnaLynne McCord’s sideboob. I mean, both are quite stunning, and if it was just a picture of AnnaLynne McCord’s cleavage or just a picture of AnnaLynne McCord’s sideboob, that would be pretty wonderful. Alas, we have them both. While AnnaLynne McCord’s cleavage is great, you could say it’s not that great because of the mesh top. AnnaLynne McCord’s sideboob is great because it’s unobstructed, but you could say there’s not enough.  

You know what, guys? I’m not going to decided. Yeah, I know you’re crying a river right now because I didn’t say AnnaLynne McCord’s nip slip was sexier than AnnaLynne McCord’s side boob or AnnaLynne McCord’s side boob was sexier than AnnaLynne McCord’s cleavage. Sorry, this time I’m going to take a step back and just enjoy it all.  

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