Emily Ratajkowski, Tight Leather Dress, Cleavage... Shut It Down!

February 9, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Nothing Else To See, Emily Ratajkowski's Cleavage In A Tight Leather Dress, Nothing More Left

Okay, that’s it, pack everything up, turn off the lights, and lock the door behind you because we are done. It’s all over now, there’s nothing else we can do. Emily Ratajkowski wore a leather dress with a zipper in the front and that’s it, there’s nothing left, we have seen it all.  

I know I could go on and on about Emily Ratajkowski’s cleavage in the dress or how tight the Emily Ratajkowski’s leather dress is or how incredibly sexy Emily Ratajkowski looks in this outfit, but what’s the point? There is officially noting left to say about Emily Ratajkowski and cleavage and her leather dress that zips up in the front. Good lord, I can’t even… I can’t even what you might ask? It doesn’t matter, Emily Ratajkowski is wearing a dress. Not just any dress, but a leather dress, not just a leather dress, but a tight leather dress. Not just a tight leather dress, but one that zips up in the front. Not just a leather dress that zips up it the front, but a leather dress that zips up in the front that makes her cleavage look so amazing that the world should just explode because it will probably never, ever, ever get better than this. 

So, that’s it. We all had a good ride, but Emily Ratajkowski and her tight leather dress that zips up in the front and the cleavage that is creates is best we will ever get.

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