Five Reasons Why "Mommies" Are Sexy, by Allison Moore

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Allison Is One Hot Mommy

Sexy MILF Allison Moore stars in AVN Hall of Fame director Pat Myne's latest for Elegant Angel, "It's A Mommy Thing! 8". She plays a wine-drinking mommy who teaches one of her son's friends all about anal. Lucky boy! Here's what Moore had to say about why mommies are the best.

"Experience. We not only have the sexual experience but also the wisdom to know what we want. We know how to ask our partners what they like and want sexually."

"We know the real way to your heart, AKA your stomach. Yes, most 'mommies' can cook, and after a fun sex session we can make you that lasagna just like your grandma used to make."


"We're more willing to try different things sexually. This goes along with experience, but little young things are sometimes too nervous to try new things. But here's the thing: Most of us have already tried it, and if we have not, then hey, we have nothing to lose. So we're more willing to try whatever it is."


"We know how to give and revive. I love getting massaged, but I also love massaging my lover before or after sex. Or even if we're just watching a movie. I'm not afraid to rub your feet after a long day of work. Mommies are just as willing to please as you are."


"Probably the most important: Curves! No need to say more."

All of the images here appear courtesy of Elegant Angel. Be sure to follow Moore on Twitter because she is completely awesome and click right here to go watch "It's A Mommy Thing 8" right now!

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