Time for 'Who's the Hottest?!' Zoolander 2 Red Carpet Edition!

February 8, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

So Many Red Carpet Beauties

As with all good things, awards seasons must come to an end. And even though we still have a few more award shows to go, we always have red carpets at movie premieres. Some might say movie premieres are better than award shows, but if you ask me, I don't have an opinion. Any chance we to get play "Who's the Hottest?!" makes me one happy camper.

So let's jump in right now and see who will win this round of "Who's the Hottest?!" from the red carpet of the Ben Stiller sequel Zoolander 2.

Sometimes I wonder if Natalie Dormer's middle name is "Neverdisappoint" because she never, ever disappoints. Her cleavage looks quite stunning, and she doesn't need a fancy necklace or anything to draw our attention to it. Our eyes will be drawn to her cleavage every time.


Making a statement is nothing new for Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh, but she is making one hell statement with cleavage-baring, sideboob showing, leg displaying, ass-flashing appearance. That's one pretty picture and one tough act to follow.

And our final contestant is no one other than one of the stars of Zoolander 2, Penelope Cruz. The movie is filled with Cruz in tight and sexy outfits, so why would her red carpet dress be any different? Sure, she isn't showing much cleavage, but she is showing a good amount of sexy leg.


You would think even with only three beautiful ladies competing for "Who's the Hottest?!" Zoolander 2 Red Carpet Edition would make things easier, but alas, it is down to the wire. Each has a quality that makes her standout from the rest, but it is my duty to crown a winner. And the winner is . . . Millie Mackintosh! She was rocking a triple threat of cleavage, sideboob, and legs, but the butt flash sealed the deal. Congrats to you, Millie Mackintosh.

Of course, if you feel like we left someone out or you think the wrong person was crowned, make your case and maybe our minds will be changed. Until next time ...

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