How Can Anyone Walk Next to Maryna Linchuk in a Bikini and Not Stare?

February 8, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

How Can You Look at Anything Else When Maryna Linchuk Is in a Bikini?

Not that it would ever happen, but if Maryna Linchuk asked me to take a stroll with her down the beach, I’d have to decline. You see, I’d want to walk a few steps behind her so I could check out her ass.  

I’m honestly surprised that dude walking next to Maryna Linchuk is able to keep pace with her. He may think that walking next to Maryna Linchuk in a bikini is no big deal, but he is so incredibly wrong. I mean, you would think any human with a beating heart and eyes that work would want either be walking a few steps behind to check out Maryna Linchuk’s wonderful ass or a few steps in front to keep an eye on Maryna Linchuk’s nice cleavage. If they were walking beside her, their heads would be permanently turned to the side to gaze at her incredible bikini body. Seriously, dude, how in the world can you simply walk beside her and not keep all your focus on Maryna Linchuk in a bikini? Oh, wait, maybe he’s blind. That would explain everything. Sorry, dude, I didn’t know.  

The best one could hope for is just be on the same beach as Maryna Linchuk and watch her walk by in a bikini. Though, that is highly unlikely because I believe there are super private model-only beaches that none of us normal folks know about.

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