All right, It's TGIFACMISMN!

February 5, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Nothing Makes Friday Better Than Charlotte McKinney's Boobs

TGIF is upon us, and for many, the simple fact that is Friday makes everything great. Me, though, I need a little more. Luckily, today is more than just Friday, it’s TGIFACMISMN. That’s right, it’s "Thank God It’s Friday And Charlotte McKinney Is Mostly Nude!"  

I swear that there is nothing you can do to make Charlotte McKinney not look like the most beautiful women every created. Though I have to admit I got a little angry when flipping through this and seeing that there's only a piece of bright red fabric between us and Charlotte McKinney’s wonderful breast. My anger lies not with Charlotte McKinney, oh no—there is nothing she could do to change my feeling for her, but my anger lies with the everything blocking her beautiful body. I love these pictures, I do. Anytime we can see Charlotte McKinney looking this stunning is a great day, but these pictures also remind me that we have never seen a fully nude Charlotte McKinney. Yes, I understand that seeing something so beautiful as a completely nude Charlotte McKinney might be too much for any mortal man to see, but damn it, I think we all want to see it.  

Until that day comes, let’s be happy for the incredibly sexy images of Charlotte McKinney we do have. I can’t think of a better way to start a weekend than looking at Charlotte McKinney being sexy.  

For more sexy pics and videos of Charlotte McKinney, head over to Mr. Skin.

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