I Hate Balcony Railing Now Becasue They Block Dylan Penn’s Boob

February 5, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Who Cares About Safety When It Comes to Looking At Dylan Penn's Boob?

Look, I know the reason we have railings on balconies is to prevent accidents from happening. The idea of someone falling to their doom due to a lack of some kind of protection on a balcony is horrible. But right now, I completely and totally hate balcony railings because they are preventing us from seeing an unobstructed view of Dylan Penn’s boob.  

Had this railing simply been one inch higher or one inch lower, we would have been treated to the sight of Dylan Penn’s boob. Damn you, inventor of balcony railings! Damn you straight to hell! Safety first isn’t the important thing when it comes to Dylan Penn removing her bikini top to get some suntan lotion on her back. Then, nothing needs to be in our way. Safety be damned, it’s Dylan Penn’s boob! Yeah, yeah, I know we get to mostly see Dylan Penn’s boob, there’s plenty of sideboob, underboob, and nipple to pretty much complete the picture, but you can’t tell me how awesome it would be to see Dylan Penn’s boob and only Dylan Penn’s boob.  

Sigh, I guess we’ll have to wait until the next time Dylan Penn goes to the beach and hope wherever she’s standing while getting some sunscreen on her back that nothing will be blocking our view. So yeah, enjoy the bikini pics and stuff. Stupid balcony rail, saving hundreds of lives each year…  

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