Chloe Moretz Looks Hot in a Bikini, But Who Is Taking the Picture?

February 4, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Really, We Should Just Focus on Chloe Mortez in a Bikini

Yes, Chloe Grace Moretz looks really damn incredible in a bikini and no doubt the muscle man beside her would agree, but that’s not the question. When I look at these pictures of Chloe Moretz showing off her bikini body, I can’t help but wonder: Who is taking the picture?

While I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before some A-hole on Instagram finds this picture of the lovely Chloe Moretz in a two-piece “offensive” and all of sudden these pictures magically disappear, you have to wonder: Does Chloe Moretz have an official Instagram photographer? I mean, surely Chloe Moretz and what I assume is her hunky boyfriend are on vacation together, so who’s the third wheel snapping the pictures and posting them to Chloe Moretz’s Instagram page? Does he have an assistant, and part of his job is posting sexy pictures of Chloe Moretz in a bikini on social media? And if that is the case, how does one apply for the position of Chloe Moretz assistant? I’m asking for a friend.  

Yeah, yeah, I know, sometimes I overthink things when I should really be focused on something else. Who cares HOW the photos got on Instagram? The important thing is we all get to see Chloe Moretz looking hot in a bikini. Still, I wonder …

Via Chloe Mortez on Instagram and Chloe Mortez on Instagram

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