Kate Hudson Has a Badass Body

February 4, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Kate Hudson Needs To Play a Badass

If you’ve ever seen a Kate Hudson movie, then you know she’s typically the plunky girl who can’t seem to find love until she meets the perfect dude, who she hates at first. She’s great in the role, but after seeing this picture of her awesomely toned body in Shape magazine, I think Kate Hudson needs to play a badass.  

Now, I’m not saying Kate Hudson needs to play Ripley in a reboot of Alien (I don’t want a reboot of Alien at all), but I’m thinking her incredible body would look great as a police officer who has to clean up some streets or something like that. You know a role where she would totally get a badass workout montage, a couple of rather impressive hand-to-hand fights, and of course, the rather aggressive lovemaking scene where Kate Hudson takes control and rips various articles off herself and the lucky leading man. Come on, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t rush to the theaters to see that. And don’t give me that “Kate Hudson has such a sweet face, I couldn’t believe her” crap because her sweet face would make her that much more of a badass—no one would see it coming.  

Mark my words people: Kate Hudson would make a great badass. She’s got the body for it. Though I guess if she wanted to play a world famous ballet dancer and show off her awesome body that way, I’d be okay with that too.  

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