Sorry Canada, Jessica Stam Needs to Stay in a Warmer Climate

February 4, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Jessica Stam's Body Was Made for Wearing Bikinis

Knowing nothing about Canada and the everyday life of Canadians, I can only assume that they always wear heavy coats, enjoy maple syrup, and play in the snow. So it’s not surprising that Jessica Stam is having such a good time at the beach. You can really read it on her boobs, I mean, face!  

OK, I meant boobs. Jessica Stam is rocking some pokies and I really don’t think the water is all that cold. Her boobs are just enjoying the warm weather in Miami. I have no idea if Jessica Stam is proud Canadian and loves her freezing cold, maple syrup homeland, but with a body like hers she is really suited for warmer climates. Plus, look at Jessica Stam’s smile. You know she’s having a ton of fun running around, splashing in the water, maybe building a sandcastle, but most of all, her body is loving being in a two-piece. I mean, she’s not really showing off any cleavage, but damn it, her boobs look pretty damn great in that bikini top. And of course, Jessica Stam’s ass looks really awesome in this bikini. I don’t know if it’s the cut or the color red, but it looks like this bikini was made for Jessica Stam.  

Look, I’m sure Canada is a great place to live, especially if you like cold weather and police officers who ride horses, but you can’t run around Canada in a bikini. Sorry, Canada, Jessica Stam needs to be where it’s warm.

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