Daisy Lowe Goes Kind of Gaga and It Works

February 2, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush


Whatever Daisy Lowe Is Dressed As, It Sure Is Sexy

I have no idea why Daisy Lowe is wearing a bright pink wig, what looks like a pink plastic dress and heart shaped pasties, and sporting some pretty awesome cleavage and hard nips, but damn it, I love it.  

The only thing I can think of is that Daisy Lowe is going to some kind of costume party, but as to what her costume is, I’m clueless. She is being followed by what looks like two dudes dressed as pink flamingos, but to be honest, if I saw Daisy Lowe in this outfit walking down the street, I would start following her, regardless of what I was wearing. Man, there are some many things to love about this strange, strange outfit. It’s see-through, for one, then there's Daisy Lowe’s hard nipples, the heart-shaped pasties, the cleavage, and I think she even has a thong on. I really do hope that if Daisy Lowe is going to a costume party they gave out prizes. And they sure as shit better have given Daisy Lowe the top prize, even if they are like all of us and no idea what she’s dressed as.  

You know, one would think that only the lovely and glamorous Lady Gaga could pull off an outfit of this magnitude, but Daisy Lowe and her incredible body make it look so natural.  

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