Even Fully Covered Alexandra Daddario Displays Some Awesome Cleavage

January 30, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Alexandra Daddario Can't Hide Her Awesome Boobs

In Marvel’s never-ending quest to separate everyone from their money, they are about to launch a free app game called “Avengers Academy”. While I may have questions about how “free” this game is, I won’t question Marvel’s decision to have Alexandra Daddario show up at the launch party.  

Never mind the fact we live in world where free apps have launch parties. I feel the strong need to point out that fact that Alexandra Daddario is, in fact, fully dressed and yet I feel like I should comment on her cleavage. I don’t really think her shirt is see-through—maybe it’s just her boobs are that spectacular they shine through any fabric, no matter how thick. Seriously, we all have a great look at her bra and some cleavage. How amazing is that? The answer is it’s pretty damn amazing, but Alexandra Daddario has amazing boobs.  

I have no idea if Alexandra Daddario has anything to do with the Marvel’s Avengers Academy, which will feature your favorite Avengers as teenager, but I do know that Black Widow is a character. Alexandra Daddario would make a pretty good Black Widow (nothing against Scar-Jo). Well, she would make a great voice for Black Widow. Though, if Alexandra Daddario wanted to the Black Widow outfit, I think we’d all be OK with that.  

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