Rita Ora Finally Shows Her Boobs And They Are Glorious!

January 29, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

What A Wonderful Rita Ora Boob-Filled Day!

I can’t… I can’t believe it. It’s happened. It finally happened and part of me just can’t believe it. My mind is swirling with the thoughts of “this is a fake” and “it must be a fake” and “this can’t be real”. And yet, my eyes are staring right at them. Rita Ora’s boobs!  

Yes, you heard me. Rita Ora, shirt open, breasts full exposed for all to see. And I have to say, those are some pretty awesome boobs. I’m not let down in the least, Rita Ora’s boobs live up to all the cleavage, the tight shirts, the side boob, all the hype that comes with have a great pair of breasts that the world hasn’t seen it. Yes, I am one happy camper. Though I have a feeling the happy campground is filled with many other happy campers who are so excited to finally see Rita Ora’s boobs. I have to say that I didn’t think it would happen this soon and part of me feared that it would never happen at all. Yet, everyone’s favorite boob getting photographer Terry Richardson was able to get Rita Ora to show off her incredible, incredible boobs (To be fair, it was all Rita Ora’s decision on whether or not she wanted to show off her boobs, but Terry Richardson always seem to be around with beautiful women want to go topless).  

What a great day! What a great day to be alive! I feel like running through to the streets to spread the news that Rita Ora is showing off her amazing boobs on the cover of Lui Magazine. 

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