Liziane Gutierrez Nude Under A Waterfall Is The Best Attention Getter

January 28, 2016 | Posted in straight by l-l-skelton


Our fame hungry friend, Ms. Liziane Gutierrez is going the extra mile for press this time. When we last heard from this sexy Brazilian hottie, she was stripping naked on a beach for photogs to get snaps while changing bikinis. It's a time honored strategy employed by many desperate for attention. The Kardashians have a PhD in this field. It is nice to see she's going beyond the standard "accidental" nip slip and pussy peeks. 

But maybe I'm being cynical. Maybe the booty-ful Liza really was just going for an outdoor bath, fully nude under a waterfall in public one day and these peeping toms with long, powerful lenses just showed up and disturbed her peace and tranquility. I could see that. I mean, girls with big jugs and butts get naked under waterfalls all the time. They sure do. Yep. Yes, ma'am. All. The. Time.  

Whatever. She's hot. 

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