Kristina and Karissa Shannon Are Technically Dressed

January 29, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Kristina And Karissa Shannon's "Clothes" Leave Little to The Imagination

As much as I want to talk about how sexy Kristina and Karissa Shannon are dressed, these outfits are so incredibly see-through I’m having trouble saying that they are both actually dressed. Yes, they have some type of fabric in the shape of pants and shirts, but they aren’t really covering anything up.  

No matter how you may feel about people wearing yoga pants and workout clothing as regular, everyday clothing, you can’t argue how incredible Kristina and Karissa Shannon look. You know, there might be a chance that their clothing isn’t in fact see-through, it’s just that Kristina and Karissa Shannon are both so damn hot that no clothing can keep them covered. Seriously, Kristina and Karissa Shannon should just be walking around without anything on. There is nothing left to imagination. Then again, imagining seeing Kristina and Karissa Shannon’s asses isn’t as awesome as actually seeing their asses. And yes, I know that we can also see someone’s boobs, but sadly I can’t tell the difference between Kristina and Karissa, so I don’t know whose boobs those are. I just know they are awesome. 

Technically, Kristina and Karissa Shannon are both wearing some incredibly sexy outfits. But when clothes are this see-through, can you really say they are dressed?  


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