Stop Your Worrying, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Cleavage Is Still Wonderful

January 27, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Take a Breath and Enjoy Catherine Zeta-Jones's Cleavage

If you find yourself staring out a window and wondering whether or not Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage is still really awesome, stop your pondering because yes. Yes, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage is quite wonderful, quite wonderful indeed.  

You might not have even been staring out the window, pondering Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage, but surely looking at these pictures will give you a little sense of relief that her cleavage is pretty damn great. Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage is one of those thoughts you probably don’t even know you’re thinking about. Yet, the thought is there, dancing around, every so often moving to the front of your memory, but it’s always there. Not so much a reminder, but a warm and happy memory that needs to be fluffed every so often. But if you are someone who constantly worries about Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage, then let this be a moment when you can take a deep breath and relax because her cleavage is still fantastic.  

Whether you think about Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage all the day or just let thought of how beautiful it is linger in your mind, it’s a great feeling to know that everything is all right. Yes, Catherine Zeta-Jones’s cleavage is still pretty damn perfect.  

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