AnnaLynne McCord's Cleavage Is The Highlight Of Sundance

January 26, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush


Any Place With AnnaLynne McCord's Cleavage Can't Be All Bad

There are some out there who probably think that the Sundance Film Festival has become too commercial. That the film festival which used to highlight unknown and up-and-coming filmmakers is now nothing more than a vacation spot for the rich and powerful. I can’t tell you whether that is true or not, but AnnaLynne McCord’s boobs are there and that makes me kind of want to go.  

I have no idea if AnnaLynne McCord has a film in the festival or she’s just there trying to be seen by the movers and shakers of Hollywood. I know I could probably do a little bit of searching and figure it out, but I’d rather spend that time gazing upon the beauty that is AnnaLynne McCord’s cleavage with a bonus almost nip slip. I’m sure there will still be some quality films showing during the festival, but right now my vote for best picture is the one that gives me the best view of AnnaLynne McCord’s cleavage. Though isn’t it kind of cold up there in Park City, Utah or am I confusing that with another film festival? All I’m saying is if it's cold in Park City, Utah then we should really tip our hats to AnnaLynne McCord and her rather revealing outfit. It takes some real courage to show off the goods in the cold.  

You can’t really blame the Sundance Film Festival for growing and becoming bigger, that’s what happens. Plus, if it wasn’t the institution it is today then we would haven’t been able to stare at AnnaLynne McCord’s awesome cleavage.  

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