Great, Emily Ratajkowski Is Making Donuts Sexy

January 25, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

So Many Things Make Us Think of Emily Ratajowski's Cleavage

There is no doubt that life with Emily Ratajkowski is so much better, but there is one downside: You see, since Emily Ratajkowski in probably one of the hottest people ever, and she's such a successful model that her beauty has become associated with random objects. And now, I fear that donuts will make me think of Emily Ratajkowski and her incredible cleavage.  

It’s a curse and blessing, when you think about it. I loved donuts long before Emily Ratajkowski was holding one near her perfect cleavage, but now I’m going to have to either take a long cold shower or think about baseball every time I go past a donut shop. Odds are I probably won’t be able to go inside for a good long while without thinking of Emily Ratajkowski and her incredible body. Guess I’ll be adding donuts to the ever-growing list of things that make me think of Emily Ratajkowski. Showers, outdoor bathtubs, toy cars, the ocean, fur coats, ice cream cones, Ben Affleck . . . at this rate, the list of things that don’t remind of me of Emily Ratajkowski will be short and sweet.  

I guess it’s not all bad. I mean, who doesn’t want to think about Emily Ratajkowski and her cleavage as often as they can? It’s only a problem if I can’t get out of bed—and oh yeah, beds make me think of Emily Ratajkowski and her hotness. Oh boy, this could end up being the greatest problem anyone has ever had.  

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