Hey, Jennifer Garner, Are Your Workout Pants Leather?

January 25, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Jennifer Garner Is Sexy Enough to Pull Off Leather Workout Pants

OK, I’m just going to come out and say what everyone is thinking: Does Jennifer Garner wear leather pants to the gym? I’m not up on the latest trends in gym fashion nor workout trends, so she could totally be rocking some leather workout pants. Whatever those workout pants are made of, they sure make Jennifer Garner look pretty damn hot.  

Now, I’m sure we’ve all wanted to kick Ben Affleck in the face for various reasons, but at the top of that list should be losing Jennifer Garner. Seriously, she is by far one of the most attractive women in Hollywood. Hell, one could say she’s a beauty no matter where in the world she is or what profession she is undertaking. Plus, she apparently wears leather pants to the gym. How freaking hot is that? Well, take a look for yourself and figure out the best term to describe Jennifer Garner in leather workout pants. I was to use the terms hot, smoking hot, super hot, tight, super tight, tight and hot, and a couple of other combinations of the words super, hot, and tight.  

Even though I’m wondering whether or not Jennifer Garner has to get these leather workout pants dry cleaned after every time she hits the treadmill, it takes one hell of a super, hot, and tight woman to pull of leather workout pants. I guess you could say those leather workout pants fit Jennifer Garner like a glove . . . a leather glove.  

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