Lara Stone's Wet T-Shirt Makes It Cool to Wear a Shirt While Swimming

January 22, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Lara Stone's Powerful Boobs Make a Powerful Message

If you ever had to wear a shirt while swimming, either at a pool or even in the ocean, you know the shame that can come with it. I don’t know what it is about having to wear a shirt while you swim that makes other pool-goers make fun of you endlessly. Though I have a strong feeling that no one will make fun of Lara Stone wearing a T-shirt while at the ocean, mostly because it’s a white shirt and it’s really, really wet.  

I know that wearing a shirt while being near a body of water can be odd, but when you’re kid, the insults never stop. And it is my hope above hopes that Lara Stone and her wet T-shirt are doing some kind of anti-bullying campaign. I think—no I know—that if there was giant poster of Lara Stone wearing a wet, white T-shirt in every community pool and by every beach with the words, “See, wearing a T-shirt while wet is super cool!” (or something similar to that, it would be best to hire a PR firm to come up with the best slogans), we could end all bullying as we know it. Thanks to Lara Stone’s powerful boobs, it would make one powerful message that would cause the meanest of bullies to rethink their actions.  

So, to all those who wear a T-shirt while swimming, you have a new champion. Lara Stone and her wet T-shirt makes getting wet while wearing a shirt super cool.


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