Kelly Brook Dressed As Wonder Woman Might Cause "Sexy Nerd Overload"

January 21, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

No Lasso of Truth Needed, Kelly Brook Has Wonderful Cleavage

If you have family or close friends who are nerds, you might to swing by their place or at least give them a call tonight to make sure they are OK. After seeing Kelly Brook dressed as Wonder Woman, they might has passed from the excitement.  

Taking nothing away from Gal Gadot who is an incredibly hot Wonder Woman (at least from the little of her we have seen in the Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice trailer), I’m pretty sure that when most nerds (myself included) close their eyes and think of the perfect Wonder Woman, this image of Kelly Brook pops in their heads. Of course, before we all were able to witness Kelly Brook’s cleavage in this costume the face might have been different, but now Kelly Brook in all her sexy glory will forever be burned in our nerd brains. And I have a strong feeling that many nerds (self included) probably experienced some kind of physical reaction which caused them to get dizzy, feel light headed, and possibly pass out on the floor in a state know as “Sexy Nerd Overload.” It’s a common problem that happens when nerds see someone as sexy as Kelly Brook dressed as one of the sexier superheroes.  

So, take a moment a today or tonight to double check on those nerds you love. If you find a nerd experiencing “Sexy Nerd Overload,” please fan them with a comic book and give them a drink from their beverage of choice. And while they rest, have a look at Kelly Brook as Wonder Woman for yourself.  

For more nude pics and videos of Kelly Brook, head over to Mr. Skin.

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