What Color Are Your Panties, Kirsten Dunst?

January 21, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Or Are You Not Wearing Panties Kirsten Dunst?

I have no idea if Kirsten Dunst is doing a photoshoot for a movie or some kind of magazine spread, but for a moment, just a single moment I thought maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t wearing undies. Whether she is not wearing undies or she's wearing black ones, it’s still pretty awesome.  

When you think about it, any day that you can get a glimpse up the skirt of Kirsten Dunst is a pretty a good day. Plus now it can be a total mystery you can debate with your friends and colleagues. Each of you can come up with your own theory as to whether or not Kirsten Dunst is wearing panties and what color they are if she is. Now, whatever side you fall on, you want to make sure and spend plenty of time examining the evidence to have an argument when it comes time to debate. You don’t want to look like you have no idea what you are talking about. But at the same time, be open to hearing the other side and really looking over the evidence they have.  

Sure, you can stand on either side of the Kirsten-Dunst-not-wearing-panties/Kirsten-Dunst-is-wearing-panties-debate, but why pick a side? In the end, everyone is winner in this debate.  


Via taxi driver movie

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