Kendra Sunderland (AKA Library Girl) Seems Happy, Very Bouncy

January 21, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush


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Kendra Sunderland's Bouncing Boobs Will Put a Kick in Your Step

It seems that life outside of the library is going OK for Kendra Sunderland, AKA Library Girl. Beyond her legal troubles going away, her new line of sexy toys, and her website, Kendra Sunderland is also taking the stage at Sapphire NYC.  

Giving us a little preview of what the show will entail, Kendra recorded a nice little tit-jiggling video and posted it to Instagram. Though it should be noted that Kendra Sunderland and her awesome bouncy boobs appear to only be going on display at Sapphire NYC for one night. And sadly, I think it will have already happened after this is posted. Who knows, maybe Kendra Sunderland will have such an awesome night shaking her fantastic breasts (and other fantastic parts) on stage that she will do an encore night. Then maybe that will transition into a once a month thing, then once a week, and then she’ll hit the road and everyone around the good ol’ USA will get a chance to see Library Girl live and nude on stage. You have to admit, it would be kind of awesome to see Kendra Sunderland nude and in person.  

As always, enjoy this video while we can before some A-hole reports that it’s “inappropriate” and it “violates the rules” of Instagram. The only rule that Kendra Sunderland’s bouncing boobs violates is the rule that the video is so short.

Via Kendra Sunderland on Instagram

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