Dree Hemingway Topless on a Beach Is the Definition a Free Spirit

January 21, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Dree Hemingway's Boobs Will Make You Feel Free

A "free spirit" is defined as an independent or uninhibited person, someone who throws all their cares to the wind. I truly believe that each and every one of us has a tiny part inside of us that wishes we could be a free spirit, but for whatever reason we are not. Thankfully there are free spirits like Dree Hemingway who can throw all their cares and shirts into the wind.  

Granted, I have no idea whether the daughter of Mariel Hemingway is an actual free spirit or if she’s just showing off her boobs for this particular photo shoot, but whatever the case is, these pictures are making me feel pretty free. Yes, there is something about a topless Dree Hemingway on a beach that makes me want to forget about all my troubles in this world and run around the wet sands of wherever she is. Yes, Dree Hemingway, toss your hands towards the sky—there isn’t a single thing in this world that can get you down, especially when your boobs look so amazing.  

We all yearn to be free and while we enjoy many freedoms, being a free spirit is reserved for a special few. Without a doubt, Dree Hemingway is one of those special few. Thank goodness she can embrace that free spirit inside of herself and show how awesome it can be by going topless on a beach.  


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