Just in Case You Forgot, Mariah Carey Has Awesome Cleavage

January 20, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Mariah Carey in a Bikini Is Always a Great Reminder

Not that you have forgotten, but here is a friendly reminder that Mariah Carey has some pretty spectacular cleavage. I know I haven’t forgotten how great Mariah Carey’s boobs look in a bikini, but damn, I’m happy I got a reminder.  

I have to say it feels like it’s been a pretty long time since we were last able to look upon Mariah Carey’s cleavage in all its glory. When you think about that, it might make you feel a little blue. Mariah Carey has some awesome cleavage and one should view it as often as possible. I honestly can’t remember the last time she wore a low cut shirt, a tank top, or a bikini before these pictures came across my desk. Well, if you do have the blues, I think we have an instant cure for that: Mariah Carey in a bikini! Nothing washes away the blues about not seeing Mariah Carey’s cleavage as often as one should then by looking at Mariah Carey’s cleavage! Funny how that works. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more pictures of her in a bikini before this vacation ends.  

Sure, we will never forget that Mariah Carey has really awesome cleavage, but we should still be reminded of that fact as often as possible.  


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